October 2017 (No. 9): Holistic statutory interpretation

An Act is more than an collection of legislative provisions assembled around a topic.  It should be interpreted holistically, so that its true meaning can be ascertained.  This issue of DL Newsletter looks at some aspects of holistic interpretation.  What’s in a name?  What is to be made of examples?  Are schedules legislative over-reach: how are they to be interpreted?

University legislation (No. 8) – special issue8_Feb15UNIV_Page_1

Universities as law-makers, legislative hierarchy, what are regulations good for?, university governance instruments. Included is a table of university governance instruments, their important features and responsible entities.  Read more in our February 2015 DL Newsletter.

Earlier newsletters

  December 2011 (edition 7):  Scrapping of local laws – the  morning after … public participation in the process of making primary legislation – Indonesia shows the way … comments on the Indonesia’s Law on Making Laws 2011 maintenance of utility infrastructure in road reserves (going back 60 years) … road encroachments (going back 4,000 years) … regulatory burden and the legal profession – how did this happen? … road administration: identifying the stakeholders (putting the stakeholder concept to the test.

January 2011 (edition 6): Victoria’s Subordinate Legislation Amendment Bill (its name promised little: what does it deliver?) … New Zealand’s three-yearly revision program (the name promises much: what does it deliver?) … statutory objectives – what are we trying to achieve here? … Indonesia’s local law scrapheap – which local laws are cancelled, and why, a listing of issues to be addressed.

 July 2010 (edition 5):  Infrastructure and its regulatory framework (why regulate?) … UK Guidance on Regulation – who is the target audience for this Guidance? … legislation as the framework for regulatory decisions –regulatory substance and regulatory governance.

  April 2010 (edition 4)pdf_image:  Calling all “instrument makers” … Parliamentary Bills – some statistics on who drafts what, and why … evaluating draft legislation – the Quebec system … fee regulation, market failure and “moral hazards”

November 2009 (edition 3):  Consultation at all phases of the legislation cycle – a whole of Government approach to consultation … Legislation implements policy – say so! (three reasons why articulation of policy objectives is desirable) … the distinction between laws and their administration – the VCEC Inquiry into Streamlining Local Government Regulation.

 June 2009 (edition 2):  What is legislation?  The Australian Legislative Instruments Act concept of an instrument of a legislative character …  Rethinking Legislation — a continuation of earlier thinking, and the Government’s “final response” to the report.

  October 2008 (edition 1): Indonesian law making challenges – the impact, and the potential, of the Law on Making Laws 2004 in the era of decentralisation … cancellation by the Central Government – speech by the President to the DPD, statistics on cancellation of local laws.