Governance – particularly of government entities – is core business for us.

Campbell Duncan presenting at a workshop in India

In Australia Campbell Duncan has worked for government in various capacities since the mid 1980s.  This has included legislative drafting as well as work as an officer of the Road Traffic Authority and the Local Government Department.  Since 1989 he has worked as an advisor to government bodies.

His international work has included institution strengthening work for major international development agencies.

Competition Policy and competitive tendering

The governments of Australia agreed in 1995 to introduce a set of reforms to improve market competition.  They included:

  • extension of trade practices laws prohibiting anti-competitive activities to government businesses;
  • competitive neutrality requirements to ensure that government-owned businesses competing for work would do so on the same basis as private competitors;
  • legislation review – the review and where appropriate reform of all laws that restrict competition (unless the benefits of the restriction outweigh the costs, and the objective of the law can be achieved only by restricting competition).

At about the same time, the Victorian State Government introduced compulsory competitive tendering.  This required councils to procure a large part of their needs using a tendering process.  Council business units were allowed to compete for this work, subject to governance requirements.

Campbell Duncan provided advice and training to government about introduction and implementation of these reforms.